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Female Ork

Female Ork

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Here you order only the raw mask, without painting, scars or othe modifications!
You can customize the mask in category "Customize your mask".

It is a 3/4 mask, affixed on a balaclava.
The mouth area is covered, the chin is covered.
It is also possible to leave the chin completely free, like a 3/4 mask.

The narrow concerns of the mask on the head (head circumference 54-59cm) allows a high wearing comfort.

The back of  the mask`s head is covered only with the balaclava.
Thereby  the head is not completely packed in latex and there accumulates  not so much heat and sweat
Also the Balaclava could be fitted with a dart more closely to the circumference of the head.

However, the back of the head must be covered with  the hair so that you can not see the

This mask will serve as a basic model for each possible individualization, i.e. you can commission us to create the design or even become creative by yourself.
We offer: an individual painting, unique scars and wounds, the design of the hairstyle and the attachment of piercings and other body jewelry.

Without purchasing the modification possibilities, the mask will be delivered unpainted and without hair!!!

With the following products, you can order the modifications to the mask.


Female OrkFemale Ork

Customer reviews:

Author: Patsy M. am 20/09/2023
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


I can't stop raving about this mask. I received a recommendation to come to Ellen from tons of people in my LARP group, and after trying on somebody else's "Young Orc Female" mask, I knew I had to order from her.

Actually ordering the mask was pretty easy, although I made a mistake and forgot to include the base face paint. However, she was prompt in responding to my emails after I ordered, and allowed me to purchase the paint separately. It only took 2 1/2 weeks for it to arrive after ordering, far faster than I was expecting.

The mask itself arrived well wrapped, however some of the synthetic hairs did already start to fall out when I just opened the mask and pulled it on. I can't really fault that since I know how finnicky wig hair can be, also it only came partially styled, but I imagine that might just be due to the fact I ordered extra hair, and what I want to do isn't that difficult either. It's comfortable, although difficult to eat with it on due to the way the upper lip hangs. I'll have to wait to see how it holds up to field-testing, but for now I'm a very happy customer!

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